Our vision

Brands are living species. To survive in today’s marketing jungle, brands must go beyond “talking the talk”, brands need to walk the walk.

Our mission

To go beyond telling brand stories; we create the real-life episodes that bring #brands to live in the real world and in real time.

What we do

We provide full in-house experiences, designed from concept to completion through services that are tailored to each client. In order to influence consumer’s behaviour and boost awareness-leads-sales, we create impactful and emotional connections between the brand and the consumers. A live experience with a brand is the most powerful and transformational communications tool. That’s why WHITERHINO is focusing on delivering superior ROI to our brands.

How we do it

We are constantly evolving and inventing innovative brand engagements through a deeper understanding of how people think, speak and live their lives.

The team

Our company consists of a combination of both people with great experience & expertise in the field and ambitious millennial marketers.