our inspiration

White Rhinos are the powerful yet agile species possessing the unique instincts make them prevail in difficult ecosystems. White rhinos are natural leaders not followers, always forging their own path.

our vision

Brands are living species. To survive in today’s marketing jungle, brands must go beyond “talking the talk,” brands need to “walk the walk”.

our mission

To go beyond telling brand stories; we create the real-life episodes that bring brands to life in the real world and in real time.

Brand Experiences

our Natural Habitat

A live experience with a brand is the most powerful and transformational communications tool. That’s why White Rhino is focused on delivering superior ROI to our brands in the following areas:

Experiential marketing

  • Experiential strategy
  • Pop-ups & residencies
  • Promotion marketing
  • Sales promotion marketing
  • Events & Shows
  • Sponsoring’s
  • Employee engagement
  • Mobile tours
  • Digital engagement

Shopper marketing

  • Customer experience design
  • Openings and celebrations
  • Shopper path branding
  • Retention program development
  • Cross & upsell program development
  • Sales promotion marketing
  • Merchandising & trade services
  • Mystery shopping
  • Special metrics & analytics (i.e eye tracking)

Direct Marketing

  • Campaign strategy
  • Email, sms marketing
  • Leads’ generation
  • Data mining & processing
  • E-mail and telephone surveys
  • Call centers
  • On boarding campaigns
  • Merchandising & trade services
  • Special metrics & analytics (i.e eye tracking)

B2B engagement

  • Campaign strategy
  • Events
  • PR initiatives
  • Audience management
  • Trigger initiatives
  • Internal communications
  • Digital engagement

360° Communication

  • Communication strategy
  • Atl advertising
  • Digital marketing & advertising
  • Btl marketing & advertising
  • Branding & design
  • Marketing and trade collateral
  • Productions and third parties handling

Supportive capabilities

  • Marketing & Communication strategy
  • Creative design & branding
  • Digital engagement
  • Data mining & analytics
  • TTL disciplines and alliances

Feel Free to Contact Us

If you are not already one of our clients, you have never experienced White Rhino in action. If you are interested in experiencing what we have to offer your brand please reach us at:

Our Location

9, Paparrigopoulou str.,
15232, Chalandri

Phone Number

+30 210 010 3590